Ascent of Everest, TTOTALS, & Digdeep Lightshow Shows

The Ascent of EverestTtotals, & DigDeep Lightshow are going on a short strange trip to your town. help us spread the word.

sept 3: detroit MI @ @PJ's Lager House
sept 4: chicago IL w Killer Moon @The Owl
sept 5: chicago IL w Killer Moon @Cobra Lounge
sept 6: muncie IN @ @Be Here Now



fragments of god - new record, single, video, show

fragments of god is an experiment putting a number of local band veterans\record nerds together without pretense of what the outcome will be. if we were the music press we'd probably use such classic nonesensical words as krauty, shoegazy, gothy and trippy... why not take a spin and make your own mind...

the record was recorded with mikey allred at dark art audio where he's recorded records for the likes of interarma, hellbender, across tundras, and yautja just to name a few. produced by devin lamp (ascent of everest, evil bebos) with additional audio sorcery perpetrated at meltface studios the record features: an explosion of animalistic drumming on the part of siri dev (pujol, badcop), gothy driving distorted bass from mikey owen (little viking, badcop), a wash of shimming and screaming guitars from brandon highfill (noi, antarctica), and acid mother temple\spacemen3 inspired synths with surreal spacey vocals from devin lamp.

fragments of god - starcrossed from meltface video on Vimeo.


 also we'll be having a cd release\show\party at the hiwatt this thursday with TTOTALS, dogtooth, and harvest team with trippy video and lights courtesy of digdeeplightshow and meltfacevideodestruction... invite yourself on facebook then come out n get you a CD  and some sweet hangs



noirtest comely\homely full length out now!


we're happy to announce the release of the new full length solo record of dillon smith. for those of you not familiar dillion's other projects include playing guitar for the protomen and the violin for the ascent of everest. this album also features a remix from the devil's damned to try soundtrack. check it out via bandcamp:




Body of Light + meltface video destruction

in case you weren't fortunate enough to check out the body of light CD release show you'll get another chance to see BOL and meltface video destruction teaming up. They'll be joining forces yet again to jar the senses this saturday as a part of the nashville mini maker fair at THE ADVENTURE SCIENCE CENTER, woooo fun.

check out the show and the fair respectively on facebook.

if you still haven't checked out body of light's new CD there's really no good reason for that, i mean it's on the internet


The Ascent of Everest OST for the Film: Devil's Damned to Try

The original soundtrack for the film "Devil's Damned to Try" is now availible on the meltface bandcamp site!

The album features original songs inspired by the film and the score composed by the Ascent of Everest. 



Also this coming Thurday Sept 19th @ The Belcourt Theater, Nashville TN is the official world premiere of Devil's Damned To Try, a short film by Marshall Burnette.

here's your official facebook invitation to the premiere!

'Devil’s Damned To Try' tells the story of an Appalachian man’s struggle to live a lie after making a brutal mistake. The film is told in two intertwining timelines revealing vital pieces of the puzzle until the final revelation. In one story, we follow our unnamed hero (or antihero) through his life as a saw mill worker in a small Tennessee town. His days are consumed with stalking a mother and her young son, and his nights with alcohol and regret. The man is haunted by something, something we have yet to witness. In the second story, we follow our hero through the thick winter forest as he searches for wild deer on a solo hunting trip. Burdened and disassembled by a dramatic situation at home, he begins to reveal his true being. The peaceful silence of the wilderness will become the man’s eternal torment.

Featuring: Riley Anglen, Laura Amond, Jake Arthur, Daniel De Armas, Angela Kerecz, and James DeForest Parker

Produced by - Henry Reed
Written & Directed by - Marshall Burnette
Cinematography by - Dustin Lane
Edited by - Michael Carter
Production Design by - Jarrett Staaf & Chris Zidek
Original Score by - The Ascent of Everest
Camera First Assistant - Hayden Mason
Key Grip - Scott Frost
Swing Grip - Preston Nair
Practical Effects - Jonathan Simms
Hair & Make Up - Addie Crum
Assistant Set Decorators - Monica Penn & Carter Bradford
Production Assistants - Houston Mathews & Matt Paterson
Production & Post Audio - Jeremiah Nave
Color Timer - Jimmy Cadenas 






bring your own beamer

a great night, thanks to all the other artists and tony youngblood for organizing. great space, really excited about what we can do with it next time.



meltface video destruction at BYOB tonight!

we'll be one of many "beamers" aka projectors at the bring your own beamer event tonight at Track One (beside Ovvio Arte) for the September ArtsMusic @ Wedgewood/Houston, Saturday September 7th.

the space looks HUGE so it should be quite an event, try to drop by during your art crawling


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dispatches from hermit mountain

so as those of you who care may have noticed we haven't posted anything for a good long time. but this doesn't mean that we're not working tirelessly on new exciting things for your casual internet browsing. 2013 is going to have some very exciting news in store. just a hint you ask? how about ascent of everest is in the studio recording a double LP and dvd to be released in the spring? or maybe some AOE soundtracks? AOE tours? new meltface releases? oh yeah all that kind of stuff. i just can't do this follow me every step of the way social media not-news fest that people do nowadays... we don't have a social media marketing intern... it's just me and my friends so we'll just give you an email when there's something to listen too if you sign up for our archaic email list or want to like our bands of facebuch. for you creepers that like to look and not interact i'll try to post more...







We're very excited to announce that the ascent of everest will be opening for two amazing bands both with new albums out this month on one of our favorite record labels thrill jockey records. Come out and check it out and help us keep bringing quality bands to nashville!



Meltface Holiday Sale! Free U.S. Shipping Till Dec 9th!

Hey there, Lovely Meltface Supporters! We've just made all the new Ascent of Everest European Fall Tour stuff availible on the meltstore! We also have some special holiday deals in the spirt of commercemas we're trying to unload some stuff to pay our bills from tour. soooo here we go!


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thanks again for listening and for your support!